25+ Candle Warmer Crock

25+ Candle Warmer Crock. The candle wax melts 3 to 4 times faster for more fragrance in your home! Signature aurora candle warmer lamp, black.

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Candle crocks are the next level of candle warmers after the plate style ones. Ceramic candle warmer & dish ceramic candle warmer crock ceramic cookie jar candle warmer crock jamie clair candles. Large enough to accommodate most 22 oz.

Is the original alternative to lighting a candle.

Springhouse candle warmer crocks are perfectly suited for country, rustic or traditional decorating styles. Combining our warmers with our 16oz or 26oz jar candles make a really nice gift. Electric candle warmer crock on mainkeys. The ceramic candle warmer crock provides a decorative home décor piece, in addition to the beneficial functionality of the candle melting feature * the ceramic candle.

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