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Best What Does Candling Mean. To insert a candle stick up one's vagina, similar to fingering only using a candle instead of one's finger. Candling is a method used in embryology to study the growth and development of an embryo inside an egg.

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Meaning of candle in english. We can use these effects in a positive manner to enhance our mind power. Any opinions in the examples do not represent the opinion of the cambridge dictionary editors or of cambridge university press or its licensors.

This expression alludes to the closing words of the rite of excommunication, 'do to the book, quench the candle, ring the bell', meaning that the service book is closed, the candle put out, and the passing bell rung, as a.

That means that, if you are viewing a candlestick chart with volume bars behind it (the default for sharpcharts), you may because that candle is still in the process of developing, we draw it on top of a yellow background. So the candle is set up as a symbol of time passing. However, while this practice has been widely in use across asia, europe, and north america at different times in history, it is still regarded with some. Candling your eggs as the embryo develops is one of the most exciting parts of incubating and hatching your own chicks.

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