19+ Hatching Dragon Candle

19+ Hatching Dragon Candle. All candles give light but this one also gives you a cool porcelain dragon. This hatching dragon candle was painstakingly retrieved from the shadow lands beyond asshai and given to us as a wedding present, but now this precious artefact is yours to own.

ThinkGeek Hatching Dragon Egg Candle | POPSUGAR Entertainment
ThinkGeek Hatching Dragon Egg Candle | POPSUGAR Entertainment from media1.popsugar-assets.com
It's easier than you think. All you need is a flame and this hatching dinosaur candle. Find great deals on ebay for dragon candle holder.

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Once you're done with the candle, you can hang onto the toy as a keepsake. The new candle is called the hatching dragon candle, and just like its predecessor features a scaly wax egg that once lit will slowly reveal a porcelain baby dragon. The dragon egg randomly yields a red, green, or black baby; The amazing world has been changed soon.

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